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We all have angels—divine helpers and loved ones who have transitioned to the non-physical. It does not matter if we believe or are even aware of our helpers, we all have them. Because many are unaware of this unconditional source of love and support, there are many bored, under-used angels.

Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium Kelly Patterson has given hundreds of angel readings for people, buildings and animals since her initial training in 2007, and wants to share the angelic realm with you. She offers many ways to help you connect with your divine helpers. Be sure to visit all the pages to see all the ways you can have a deeper spiritual connection.

It’s easy to get started and your angels are just as eager to connect with you as you are with them.

Photo: Aspen Lane Photography

Release old blocks to financial peace and abundance

One of the biggest blocks to receiving financial abundance and peace are our beliefs about money.  For example, if you believe that money corrupts souls, if you think that money is “the root of all evil,” you will honor those beliefs by ensuring you do not have money through sabotage such as overspending or misdirecting your resources.

Often our beliefs are inherited from others.  Some travel with the soul from other lifetimes.  The angels are not here to insist that you believe a certain way.  Rather they ask that you examine your beliefs, see if they are true and to determine if these beliefs are empowering, or if they should be replaced by beliefs that are true and supportive of where you are now.

A good way to discover your beliefs is through an exercise created by Louise Hay.  On a blank piece of paper write at the top “this is what I believe about _____________.”  You may want to complete the blank with your beliefs about money or resources or career.  

Next, allow yourself to record all of your beliefs, without judgment or worrying about pleasing anyone, on the paper.  Take your time with this exercise.  Once you have captured all of your beliefs, go through each one and ask yourself if it is true.  If you are absolutely certain, consider whether there is another way to look at the belief.  For example, if you believe that money is the source of corruption evidenced by some souls, you can say that money is capable of corrupting those who invite that energy while others use their resources to improve the world and to help others.  Then think of some examples of people who do just that.

As you discover the beliefs that are not 100% true, rewrite them as you now know them to be true, or how you want them to be true.  If you find this challenging, please call on your angels for help.

The angels are happy to help us become aware of our beliefs and to make sure they are good fits.  The angels are also happy to help us reprogram and re-train our thoughts, words and actions so we are free to receive in alignment with our new beliefs.

Artwork: Donna Gelsinger. Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue.

Archangel Michael’s message about fear

Helping us manage fear and other heavy emotions is one of Archangel Michael’s purposes.  Archangel Michael gave Kelly an experiment/challenge designed to bring Divine light in to dissolve the grip of fear and anxiety.  See December Specials—Angel Messages and Gifts.  After surrendering every fear to him for 30 days, he offers the following guidance:

Dear beloved,

How has your experiment with releasing fears been for you?

Please know that part of your human experience is to navigate fear and negativity. No one is immune from these experiences in earth school. The purpose of our “challenge” last month was to help you refocus your intent and to make you aware of the impact and energy of fear.

I ask that you now retrieve your box containing your fears. You will need a piece of paper and a pen for the next part of this experiment. On the piece of paper draw two vertical lines creating two columns. One for “fears to keep” and “fears to release.” 

Looking at the first fear, ask yourself: has it happened?  Is this a fear you wish to continue to house in your vessel? Indicate in your column on your piece of paper whether or not you wish to continue to hold onto this fear. Put your piece of paper in one of two piles—one for fears that you wish to keep; the other for fears you wish to release. Continue this process until you have emptied your box of all your fears.

Let’s look at each fear that you wish to keep. First, how much attention did you give this fear during your challenge? Close your eyes now and feel that fear. How does it feel?  How do you feel physically? What impact on the person or situation does your fear place? Does it have any impact on the actual situation?

Turning now to your paper, write the reason why you want to keep these fears and decide how much time you want to spend every day nourishing them. 

We wish to call your attention to some fears regarding situations that will happen. For instance there will be a death of a physical vessel for a soul, whether this is your soul or the soul of a loved one. In this case your fear is “real;” however, is there another way to look at this experience in a more truthful light? Using the example of a death, another way to experience a death is to see this transition in spiritual truth. The reunion a soul experiences with loved ones and your creator upon the death of your physical vessel is one of your soul’s most joyous experiences. It is only your human mind (ego) that attaches the fear to this natural part of every soul’s journey.  Every soul will experience the death of the vessel; worrying will not delay or spare the experience. 

We ask that you continue to focus your attention on experiences that are pleasurable to you. The purpose of this experiment is to help you be aware of your intention and your energy. You may ask your higher power to continue to hold these fears. Or, you may choose to hold them yourself, we merely ask that you be aware of the cost of holding these low vibrational thoughts. It is your choice. We invite you to ask Archangel Chamuel to lift your soul so you can see other ways of thinking end more productive uses of your intention for love, peace, and joy.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you navigate negativity—not eliminate—for negativity is part of your lesson in earth school. Be a conscious creator of your human experience. It is the vibrations of peace, well-being and joy that will attract those experiences to you.

Michael will gladly take your fears that you are releasing, and you can destroy the papers for the fears you are releasing. 

If you have not experienced this enlightening experiment, you may do so at any time. It is never too late to change your thoughts thereby changing your life. Bless you, enlightened souls.

Artwork:  Corey Wolfe.  Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  

Emotional healing with Archangel Raphael

Emotional HealingDo you welcome all of your emotions?  So many of us are taught that certain emotions such as anger or sadness are “bad.”  When you were a baby, you expressed your emotions freely and without any worry about what others would think of you.  Somewhere along your journey you were taught how to experience your emotions–and often that teaching involved denying your emotions or taking on guilt and shame for having them.

So often during angel readings, unexpressed emotions surface.  The angels often show Kelly an image of the person in a pool struggling frantically to hold a beach ball beneath the water and then getting hit in the face with ball.  This is their analogy for what happens when we try to hold in and deny our feelings.  It all comes out in the end.

As our minds are ATM’s (automatic thought manifesters), our physical bodies house our thoughts and emotions.  Have you ever heard the expression “poison thoughts, poisoned bodies?”

In his upcoming Feeling Good Guidance and Tele-Support Group, Archangel Raphael will help you face your emotions and heal anything that is unbalanced for your well being.  As Raphael is the archangel whose specialty is healing, he has much to say about bringing yourself into emotional healing and balance.

Through Kelly, Raphael will be delivering messages and guidance for participants on the seven essential topics needed for joy and peace in your world.  Every session will end with a healing angel meditation related to that  night’s topic.  Participants can download the meditations for a nightly spiritual practice and deep healing with the angels.

Please join us in this emotional healing!


Angel Readings at Central City’s 17th Annual Tommyknocker Holiday Weekend, December 6 and 7

If you are looking for a memorable holiday event in an old fashioned setting, don’t miss Central City’s 17th Annual Tommyknocker Bazaar and Events weekend. This special event is always held the first weekend in December in one of Colorado’s oldest mining towns. This year it’s Saturday, December 6 (10am-4pm), and Sunday, December 7 (10am-3pm).

Tommyknockers is a Victorian holiday bazaar with events for children, live entertainment, unique shopping, Father Christmas and now the angels.

Kelly will be giving in person angel readings in the gorgeous old Teller House both days. The Teller House is seldom open so it is a special treat if you love old historic buildings. It is well known for the face on the barroom floor and, yes, it is filled with stories and spirits.

Start your holiday season with an angel reading in one of Central City’s most beloved buildings. Tommyknockers is always a magical weekend filled with surprising treasures. Come claim yours!