About Angel Readings

What you need to do…

• Hold the intention of connecting with your angels and any other heavenly helpers.

• Ask for a free MP3 recording of your session–all you need is a free Dropbox account.  There is a great deal of information to take in during a reading. A recording helps you remember the angels’ messages and lets you make notes. You may not immediately understand the messages so having notes to refer back to proves invaluable.

• Please do not provide Kelly with a lot of information about the situation you want help with. Rather, let the information come from the angels.

• Finally, ask your question and then allow Kelly to hear and convey the angels’ messages to you.

How long is an angel reading?

This depends on you. If you have a quick question, the reading can be as short as 15 minutes. If you have several questions and want to hear all the angels’ messages, or try to connect with departed loved ones, you should allow at least an hour for a thorough reading.  Trust your angels to wisely use however much time you allot them.

Can my pet have an angel reading?

Absolutely. Our beloved pets also have guardian angels—the fairies. They are also happy to help our animals live healthy and happy lives on earth.

Can you connect with a departed loved one?

There are no guarantees that Kelly can reach a loved one on The Other Side, but often these souls enter during a reading. They too have messages to convey and connecting with them can bring you peace of mind and healing.

What about remote readings?

Remote readings are no problem and are just as effective as in-person connections.  Kelly can relay your angels’ messages via email (written or audio format) or over the telephone.


Readings only $2.00 per minute.  Monthly specials are available in Kelly’s newsletter.  Payment for remote readings are through www.PayPal.com.  Payment is due prior to your session.


How Do I Have A Reading?

  • Choose the format of your angel reading.
    Choices include:  in person; telephone; or email.  Email messages from your angels can come in written format or an audio MP3 file.  Dropbox.com supplies the audio file repository.  A free account is required.
  • Decide how much time you would like and whether you want a recording of your reading.  Your angels will work with however much time you give them.   Having a recording will help you remember all your angels’ messages.
  • If your reading is in person or by phone, arrange a time with Kelly.
  • Payment for telephone and email readings are through PayPal.  You will receive a PayPal invoice prior to your reading.  Payment is due prior to the reading.

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