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There are many ways you can interact with your angels.
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Give The Gift Of An Angel Connection

Give the gift of an angel connection with a gift certificate from Angel Readings By Kelly. Certificates can be used in whatever time increment you’d like. For instance, you may want to break up a 30 minute certificate into two 15 minute readings. Also, you are free to transfer minutes to a like minded friend.

The angels encourage you to help others connect with their angels and to also treat yourself to a gift certificate.

Email Info@angelreadingsbykelly.com or call (303) 330-0565 for more information.

Angel Messages and Gifts-Kelly’s Newsletter

April Specials–Angel Messages and Gifts

Earn Free Reading Minutes With Refer a Friend Program

If you love helping others and getting free angel readings, you’ll want to join the new “Refer a Friend” program with Angel Readings by Kelly.

Here’s how it works.

  1.  Find a friend who needs some angel time.
  2. Refer them to Kelly.  Your friend needs to give your name and say you are a rewards member to earn your minutes.
  3. Once your friend has a session with Kelly, you’ll receive ten free minutes.  Your friend’s session needs to be at least ten minutes to qualify.

Your free time accumulates with multiple referrals.  You are free to use your time whenever and in whatever time increment you’d like.  You are also free to give them to someone else to use.

Reward minutes can be combined with any reading specials or birthday minutes (newsletter subscribers only).

Angel readings give guidance, confirmation, comfort and insight.  Introduce someone to their divine helpers and enjoy your own free angel time!

Register for Kelly’s Newsletter and Get a Free Birthday Reading

What better way to celebrate your birthday and treat yourself than to have an angel reading.  Email your birthday to  Info@angelreadingsbykelly.com and you’ll receive Kelly’s monthly Specials–Angels Gifts and Messages and you’ll have a free 10 minute reading on your birthday.  The reading can be by phone, email or in person (depending on physical locations).  Get an early start on your next birthday present by signing up today.  It’s your angels’ way of saying “Happy Birthday!”.

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