Client Testimonials

Wow! My reading with Kelly was amazing! She answered almost all of my questions before I even asked them! The information was timely and just what I needed to know to move forward. My mother (who passed over about 18 years ago) came through immediately and told me over and over how proud she was of me — that alone was worth the price of admission! Kelly is obviously very in tune with the various archangels, as a number of them spoke to me through her. This was among the very best readings I have ever had (and I’ve had MANY!), and I will go back to Kelly again and again! Thanks, Kelly!

–Joyce, Denver, Colorado

Kelly’s ability to clearly and concisely communicate with angels is an amazing gift.  Kelly is an absolutely wonderful person. She has helped me see myself and others around me from a different perspective.  Her readings always come from a place of love which has helped me to resolve issues/differences in a positive, loving way.  For me,  Kelly is a great life coach:  helping me to see (indirectly) how to be a better person, helping me to get “unstuck”, and helping me to see if I’m in the right place.  Furthermore, her statements about the future has been accurate.  The last foretelling was a bit unbelievable to me, because the change she told me about seemed impossible.  However, recent events have unfolded that have proven her to be accurate.  (This is a happy and exciting change!).  I look forward to all my readings with Kelly!

–Christine, Denver, Colorado

We first met Kelly Patterson in Colorado shortly after my brother Mike had passed. She told me he had a message and then she said something to me that only Mike himself had said to me! She knew!! I’ve since had many readings as well as many friends and family. Some of you know that I had a friend who committed suicide. ….I carried guilt for many years about him. She gave me a message from him as well. I had never mentioned it to her!!! She knew! And lastly…when I was driving a school bus, I was in an accident where a young, newly married man lost his life. It has been another burden I carried for 10 years. I carried his name plate from Southwest fire and a photo of him and his beautiful wife along with a letter from her in my purse until about a month ago. Thanks to Kelly’s abilities and a message from him….I was able to take them out of my purse and put them in a memory box.

–Sheila, Denton, Nebraska

My reading with Kelly was a truly enlightening experience.  Her connection with the angels is most astonishing.  I have never experienced anything quite like it!  Upon placing my hand in hers, Kelly immediately picked up on information and relayed it to me with an amazing ease of descriptiveness.  All information relayed was genuinely in tune with my life, past and present.  With her help I was able to understand life happenings with a new clarity and intensity.  Kelly guided me to a peaceful understanding of current and past events; with it came a new-found ability to let go of anxieties created by today’s fast paced, crazy world.  I would highly recommend Kelly, and am both eager and excited to experience my next reading with her!

–Cheryl, Lakewood, Colorado

I met Kelly a few months ago in her store in Central City, Co.  I was unsure what to expect but soon found her to be a very warm and generous person with many insights into a total stranger.  She told me many things that no one could have ever known without “angel”  help.  Her insights were positively astounding.  I always knew there were angels around me, just feelings I guess, but now I know for sure that we are always surrounded by our guardian angels.  Since that time, I have had both my son and daughter talk to her with similar results.  She certainly is an angel in her own right and I will always treasure the moments I’ve spent with her.

–Laura, Arvada, Colorado

Kelly, Thanks for the awesome reading! I really enjoyed reading the wisdom from my guides. It was clear, focused, empowering and spoke words of truth. Interestingly enough, when I was reading it (and afterward) I noticed an incredible shift of energy; I felt empowered and motivated to take action steps and clear out some of the energetic dirt in my life. I truly experienced a positive shift of energy; this is one of the best angel readings I’ve ever had. Thanks so much.

–Sophia, Laramie, Wyoming

Last summer my dog (“Trouble”) was having problems. The vet found a lump or mass on her gallbladder. Another vet confirmed–they wanted to do an ultrasound and biopsy on her for more than I could afford. At Kelly’s house we went outside to do a hands-on angel healing. Now Trouble, when outside is too busy smelling and chasing things to sit still for any amount of time. When we sat down to start, she came and sat perfectly still the whole time Kelly called on the angels and the healing white light. Kelly mentioned that Trouble had fairies flying around her head. I looked at Trouble–her eyes were wide, looking back and forth–still sitting still except for her ears that were going a mile a minute–back and forth, forward like an airplane propeller.

About 5-6 months later, Trouble had an infection of her uterus bad enough that the vet operated and removed her uterus and spade her. When I asked the vet about the lump–had it grown?–the vet replied that the lump had disappeared entirely. Normally, it should have grown. I believe the angels took the lump and put it where it could be removed–in her uterus. Trouble is fine now, and I thank Kelly and the angels for helping save my dog.

–Sandy Reble, Arvada, Colorado

Kelly, Thank you very much.  That was such a good reading.  You are the best I’ve been too.  I will be back for more.

–Woody…in transition from Ohio

As part owner of Mountain Menagerie, I can attest to all of the customers who remark how accurate and amazing our angel reader “Kelly” is.  She has many repeat clients, which is a tribute to her attributes.

–Janet, Central City, Colorado

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