Angel Services

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Kelly offers a variety of ways to receive Divine guidance and help in addition to private readings.

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Have An Angel Party And Get A Free Reading

What a wonderful way to enjoy a free reading while helping your friends and loved ones connect with their angels! All you need are a few like minded friends and a private room for readings.

As host/hostess, you’ll receive a gift certificate for an angel reading. The length of the reading will be equal to the number of guests with a zero added to the end. For instance, 6 guests would earn their host/hostess a FREE 60 minute reading. You may use the minutes on your gift certificate immediately in whatever time increment you’d like. Minutes can even be transferred to a willing friend.

Email or call (303) 330-0565 to schedule your party.

Have Kelly Speak To Your Group

If you are looking for a memorable speaker for your next gathering, Kelly is available to speak to your group. She’ll share her angel encounters, including her visit to the entrance of the tunnel the night of her near death accident. Your group will also be fascinated to hear of Kelly’s encounters with deceased souls and her work in helping trapped souls cross over. Discover what the angels have to say about our most beautiful experience–death of the human body and the evolution of the soul. Kelly can also do random mediumship and angel readings for your group members.

For more information, please call (303) 330-0565 or email

Oracle Card Forecasts Through Email

Prepare yourself for the upcoming week, month or year. Using amazingly accurate oracle cards, Kelly relays your guardian angels’ loving guidance. With the law of free-will there cannot be “fortune telling;” it is your angels’ intention to give you a “study guide” with tools to help you navigate your soul’s lessons.

All payments are handled in advance through Choose from written email or an audio MP3 file with a PDF or JPG file of your cards.

Property Readings and Clearings

Buildings and land can maintain memories of events.  Earth bound spirits and sometimes heavenly souls can attach themselves to houses, buildings and land.  These spirits and residual memories can impact a building’s feel as well as its living inhabitants.  People may feel uncomfortable or even physically sick in such spaces.  Animals and children can be extremely sensitive.  These negative influences can even cause businesses to fail or move and serious household upheavals.

The angels and other helpful beings are available to determine the influences of a property and help clear such spaces.  By clearing a space, there can be resolution and peace for the souls involved and the energy of a location improved.

The angels are also always happy to give practical advice on how to keep a space clear as well as how to manage any energies in the space.  Whether you have an energy issue in a current dwelling or you’d like a reading on a prospective space, email or call (303) 330-0565 for more information or to schedule an evaluation.

Soul Reviews with Archangel Raziel

Are you interested in knowing how your past lives are affecting this lifetime?  Archangel Raziel is the archangel who helps us understand esoteric information such as our dreams and our past lifetimes.  He is said to be so near to our Creator that he knows all the secrets of the universe.  His name even means “the secrets of God.”  He explains that our “curriculum” for one lifetime “bleed” into others when we don’t fully work through our lessons in Earth School.

Raziel says we often take vows in lifetimes that we outgrow or didn’t need to take on in the first place.  Vows of poverty, denial and self-punishment can wreck havoc in our current lifetime.

Working with Archangel Raziel, Kelly now offers a Soul Review reading where Raziel identifies the issues which need to be healed and released, as well as cut the ties of destructive patterns from your previous lifetimes.  He cautions these sessions can be emotionally intense, and it is important that you check with your angels and God about your willingness to be open to releasing these blocks.  As always, your free will is respected by beings of light and love.

Raziel’s session can be done remotely or in person.  Session length range from 60-90 minutes for a flat rate of $130.  You may have your session with Raziel recorded at no cost.  If you’d like to have your recording transferred to CD and mailed to you, the cost is $138.

Free yourself of old soul lessons learned with the loving help of Archangel Raziel and your own angels.  Call 303-330-0565 or email to schedule your soul review.

Angel Workshops

Do you want to learn how to communicate with your Divine helpers?  Kelly offers a wide range of workshops with the angels, all designed to help you clear the way to clear Divine communication.  Topics include:

-Healing Your Romantic Past
-Angel Communication 101
-Archangel Michael’s Maintaining Light In The Dark
-Healing Your Childhood Wounds
-Manifesting With Your Angels
-Allowing Abundance
-Angel Oracle Cards 101
-Raising Sensitive Children With The Angels
-Fairy Communication 101
-Divine Guidance 101
-Archangel Raphael’s Feeling Good Guidance and Support Group
-Archangel Metatron’s Guide To Time Management

Class times and lengths vary.  Check the calendar for current offerings.