Remote Readings

There are two ways you can have an angel reading from the privacy of your own home, all you need is a telephone or a computer.  All payments are handled through safe and easy PayPal.  Here’s how it works:


1.  Arrange for a date and time for your reading.  You’ll also need to decide on the length.

2.  You’ll receive a PayPal invoice to your email account.  Visit PayPal for more information on payment options.  Payment for all remote readings are due BEFORE your reading.

3.  Kelly will call you at the designated time for your reading.  Should you decide you’d like more time at the end of the reading, that’s fine.  You’ll receive another PayPal invoice after the reading and payment is due upon receipt.

You will want to be in a quiet comfortable location for your telephone reading.  You may want to have pen and paper to record notes during the reading as well as some Kleenex.  Tears are a common reaction to receiving Divine messages so don’t be alarmed–just prepared.

Please note that if you are unavailable for your scheduled telephone reading, it will convert to an email reading.  You will receive written messages from your angels.  Kelly spends time preparing for every reading; please respect her time.


Email readings are an excellent choice when you have specific questions for your angels.  You have two choices for your angels’ response:  a written emailed response or an audio MP3 file.  Having an emailed response allows you to remember your angels’ messages and refer back to them as often as you like.  A recorded session allows Kelly to receive even more messages.  Messages arrive after payment.  You can listen to the messages over and over, and many clients say it is just like being with Kelly in person.

Use the Contact Form at right for an email reading

1.  Decide on the length of the reading and how you would like your angels’ response (written or audio).

2.  If you have specific questions and/or issues for your angels, put them in the questions section of the form.  Include first names of any people involved in your questions.  

3.  You’ll receive a PayPal invoice to your email account.  Click for more information about PayPal.  All readings must be pre-paid.  

3.  Watch your email for your reading!

Please allow a little time for typing the response.  Kelly types 80-90 wpm so this won’t be much time but you need to factor it in when scheduling an email reading.


Some people are concerned about the accuracy of a reading if they cannot be physically present with Kelly.  Please be assured this is NOT an issue for the angels.  The angels can be with as many people simultaneously as needed.  As Kelly connects with your angels, your physical location is irrelevant–only your openness matters.

If you are looking to connect with a deceased loved one, a telephone reading is recommended.