Are you wanting to make changes to feel better?  Does your physical body need an overhaul?  Do you start the new year energized with clear goals but lose your way within the first few months…or days?  What if you had a divine coach to help and support you to make the changes you want?

Archangel Raphael wants to help guide you as you transition to a happier, healthier, balanced state of being.  The archangels are powerful divine beings, each with a specialty.  Not only do they oversee our guardian angels, they are available to help us as well.   Raphael is the angel in charge of health and healing and feeling good.

Raphael’s Feeling Good Guidance and Support Group is currently meeting but you can still participate.  For seven empowering sessions,   Angel Therapy Practictioner(R), Kelly Patterson communicates messages from Archangel Raphael addressing a specific topic to help you feel good in each area of your life.

Raphael’s topics are:

Week 1 – Setting intentions and developing morning and evening practices (August 11)
Week 2 – Self love (August 25)
Week 3 – Your body (part 1) (September 8)
Week 4 – Your body (part 2) (September 22)
Week 5 – Your emotions (October 6)
Week 6 – Finding joyful work (October 20)
Week 7 – Living love (November 3)

The first 30 minutes of each class will be devoted to Archangel Raphael’s messages on that week’s topic, and he answers questions from live participants through Kelly.  Every session ends with a healing meditation with Archangel Raphael and other angels.

Archangel Raphael’s classes are available for purchase along with his “pre-homework” for each session.  You can download the entire series for $44.00.  Each session has two MP3 files.  If you choose this option, you’ll get an email with an internet link to each week’s recording where you can download the MP3 files to your own computer.  Individual classes are available for download for $5.70.  Don’t know anything about MP3 files?  You may purchase CD’s for $55.00 for the series and $15.70 for an individual session.

These recorded sessions with Archangel Raphael and his helpers are just as powerful when done remotely.  The angels know no geographical limitations.  All that is required is your openness and willingness to make the changes you need to enjoy your life.  This series is a supportive and educational journey as you create empowering self care habits.

If you’re ready to start feeling good, and you know how you’d like to receive the session(s), email or call 303-330-0565.