Helping us manage fear and other heavy emotions is one of Archangel Michael’s purposes.  Archangel Michael gave Kelly an experiment/challenge designed to bring Divine light in to dissolve the grip of fear and anxiety.  See December Specials—Angel Messages and Gifts.  After surrendering every fear to him for 30 days, he offers the following guidance:

Dear beloved,

How has your experiment with releasing fears been for you?

Please know that part of your human experience is to navigate fear and negativity. No one is immune from these experiences in earth school. The purpose of our “challenge” last month was to help you refocus your intent and to make you aware of the impact and energy of fear.

I ask that you now retrieve your box containing your fears. You will need a piece of paper and a pen for the next part of this experiment. On the piece of paper draw two vertical lines creating two columns. One for “fears to keep” and “fears to release.” 

Looking at the first fear, ask yourself: has it happened?  Is this a fear you wish to continue to house in your vessel? Indicate in your column on your piece of paper whether or not you wish to continue to hold onto this fear. Put your piece of paper in one of two piles—one for fears that you wish to keep; the other for fears you wish to release. Continue this process until you have emptied your box of all your fears.

Let’s look at each fear that you wish to keep. First, how much attention did you give this fear during your challenge? Close your eyes now and feel that fear. How does it feel?  How do you feel physically? What impact on the person or situation does your fear place? Does it have any impact on the actual situation?

Turning now to your paper, write the reason why you want to keep these fears and decide how much time you want to spend every day nourishing them. 

We wish to call your attention to some fears regarding situations that will happen. For instance there will be a death of a physical vessel for a soul, whether this is your soul or the soul of a loved one. In this case your fear is “real;” however, is there another way to look at this experience in a more truthful light? Using the example of a death, another way to experience a death is to see this transition in spiritual truth. The reunion a soul experiences with loved ones and your creator upon the death of your physical vessel is one of your soul’s most joyous experiences. It is only your human mind (ego) that attaches the fear to this natural part of every soul’s journey.  Every soul will experience the death of the vessel; worrying will not delay or spare the experience. 

We ask that you continue to focus your attention on experiences that are pleasurable to you. The purpose of this experiment is to help you be aware of your intention and your energy. You may ask your higher power to continue to hold these fears. Or, you may choose to hold them yourself, we merely ask that you be aware of the cost of holding these low vibrational thoughts. It is your choice. We invite you to ask Archangel Chamuel to lift your soul so you can see other ways of thinking end more productive uses of your intention for love, peace, and joy.

Ask Archangel Michael to help you navigate negativity—not eliminate—for negativity is part of your lesson in earth school. Be a conscious creator of your human experience. It is the vibrations of peace, well-being and joy that will attract those experiences to you.

Michael will gladly take your fears that you are releasing, and you can destroy the papers for the fears you are releasing. 

If you have not experienced this enlightening experiment, you may do so at any time. It is never too late to change your thoughts thereby changing your life. Bless you, enlightened souls.

Artwork:  Corey Wolfe.  Archangel Michael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.