One of the biggest blocks to receiving financial abundance and peace are our beliefs about money.  For example, if you believe that money corrupts souls, if you think that money is “the root of all evil,” you will honor those beliefs by ensuring you do not have money through sabotage such as overspending or misdirecting your resources.

Often our beliefs are inherited from others.  Some travel with the soul from other lifetimes.  The angels are not here to insist that you believe a certain way.  Rather they ask that you examine your beliefs, see if they are true and to determine if these beliefs are empowering, or if they should be replaced by beliefs that are true and supportive of where you are now.

A good way to discover your beliefs is through an exercise created by Louise Hay.  On a blank piece of paper write at the top “this is what I believe about _____________.”  You may want to complete the blank with your beliefs about money or resources or career.  

Next, allow yourself to record all of your beliefs, without judgment or worrying about pleasing anyone, on the paper.  Take your time with this exercise.  Once you have captured all of your beliefs, go through each one and ask yourself if it is true.  If you are absolutely certain, consider whether there is another way to look at the belief.  For example, if you believe that money is the source of corruption evidenced by some souls, you can say that money is capable of corrupting those who invite that energy while others use their resources to improve the world and to help others.  Then think of some examples of people who do just that.

As you discover the beliefs that are not 100% true, rewrite them as you now know them to be true, or how you want them to be true.  If you find this challenging, please call on your angels for help.

The angels are happy to help us become aware of our beliefs and to make sure they are good fits.  The angels are also happy to help us reprogram and re-train our thoughts, words and actions so we are free to receive in alignment with our new beliefs.

Artwork: Donna Gelsinger. Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue.